Plastic Bottles & Jars

Plastic Bottles & Jars

Store and ship liquids & powders with plastic bottles & jars in a variety of sizes, styles & resin materials.

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Boston Round Bottles
Plastic Bottles - Boston Rounds
Plastic Bottles - Cubitainers
Decanters & Spray Bottles
Plastic Bottles - Decanters & Sprayer Bottles
F-Style Bottles
Plastic Bottles - F-Style Bottles
F-Style Slant Bottles
Plastic Bottles - F-Style Slant Bottles
HDPE Cylinders
Plastic Bottles - HDPE Cylinders
Nalgene Bottles
Plastic Bottles -Nalgene Bottles
Plastic Honey Bear Bottle
Plastic Bottles - Plastic Honey Bear
PVC Cylinder Bottles
Plastic Bottles - PVC Cylinder Bottle
Industrial Round Bottles
Plastic Bottles - Industrial Round Bottles
Wide Mouth Jars
Plastic Bottles - Wide Mouth Jars
Wide Mouth Packers
Plastic Bottles - Wide Mouth Packers

About Us

Container Supply, Inc. is a leading provider of quality packaging containers nationwide.  Our products are well suited for industrial markets such as petroleum, paint & coatings, chemical, food & beverage, and environmental industries.

Our Services

Container Supply Inc. is dedicated to maximizing value to our customers as well as best-in-class customer service.  We offer a variety of value-added services such as custom molds, decoration services, stocking programs, and delivery services.